In 2014 Serbia mining industry has established the Geological and Mining Association of Serbia (GRAS), first and biggest business association of mining companies in Serbia.

Association gathers most of the foreign and private domestic exploration and mining companies, and geological and mining consulting companies from Serbia.

GRAS is founded to represent and advocate mining industry, provide coordination between mining companies from the private sector and other interested parties, to advance the general understanding, prominence, and future potential of the geo-mining industry in Serbia, introduce best practice in geo-mining regulation, improve government and public awareness of best practice to mining, cutting red tape, etc.

Since founding, GRAS has had a proactive role in drafting mining law, with the final outcome of adoption of current mining law with security of tenure defined for the first time in Serbian mining history.

GRAS is proud that became a member of EUROMINES.


GRAS members are:

Rio Tinto

Freeport McMoRan

Rakita Exploration doo

Eldorado Gold

Erin Ventures – Balkan Gold doo

Mineco Group

Metalfer Group

Mundoro – Stara Planina Resources doo

Avala Resources

Rudnik i flotacija “Rudnik” doo

Appalachian Resources Balkan doo

Geo-Min Consulting doo

Keramika Holding doo

Lafarge doo

Jantar Grupa doo

Foreign Investors Services doo

TerraGold & Co doo

Geoprofesional doo

Advanced Systems doo

Geops Balkan Drilling doo

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    Dragan Milosevic
  • Dusan Simic
    Dusan Simic
  • Milan Parivodic
    Milan Parivodic

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